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Mindful Mandala Art & More

Jill is a self-taught mandala artist and jewelry maker from Edmonton, Alberta. The intention behind Jill’s art comes from the intersection of beauty, imperfection, wellness, and unwellness, going beyond aesthetics alone. Each one-of-a-kind piece provides a gentle reminder to slow down, embrace wholeness, and find balance. 

Meaning of the Mandala

The mandala is continuous, repetitive, and symmetrical in its fundamental design.


In reality, the hand-painted mandala is filled with imperfection. A single dot can be significantly flawed, yet the whole mandala is calculated and seemingly perfect.

In this sense, the moral of the mandala is simple: the individual is closest to perfection when all parts of themselves are united and understood together. Further, the human population is most perfect when all beings are accepted in connection; creating a beautiful whole comprised of billions of individual differences.

Otherwise, all of you is needed, and you are all needed to create a perfect whole.


Meet The Artist

Jill is an artist, maker, and mental health advocate based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Frank & Beas Designs began with Jewelry design and evolved to focus on original artwork and intricate acrylic mandala paintings.

Passionate about mental health, Jill is currently completing her Master of Arts in counselling psychology. She aspires to one day combine her love for the creative process and knowledge of mental health and healing through art therapy facilitation.

In the meantime, Jill is open to commissions, collaboration, or simply connection via email, website, or Instagram.


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